Why to organize environmental education activities?


Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) requires that, in order to receive the award, beach management should organize at least 5 environmental trainings (in different categories) in the locality.


Environmental education activities facilitate the Blue Flag Program with following the below:

·         Protecting environmental values and coats, rasing environmental awareness among local people or visitors

·          Offering environmental training to beach managers, staff or tourism service providers

·          Supporting the participation of relevant local stakeholders in the management of natural resources in coastal areas

·          Supporting sustainable recreation and tourism activities in the region

These goals constitute the basis of the Blue Flag. Above activities are carried out to achieve them and so they are of great importance to Foundation for Environmental Education.

Best training files are rewarded!

National Jury determines the Blue Flag candidates to be presented to the International Jury. National Jury, with the sub-committee group (Ministry Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Health, Regional Environmental Center-REC Turkey, Ankara University Public Education Department Faculty Member), carefully examines the file environmental activities dossier. As the result of this examination, of all applicant municipalities, beach managers or associations, three are awarded with a plaque every year. National Jury considers that at least five environmental education activities in four categories are carried out correctly and filing/reporting are done in the best way. The list of award winners to date is also listed here, in Environmental Education Activities section.